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  Bridal Kiwi Magic W EM LL   $10.00 €5.00
  Silver Kiwi Mt. Starville W EM LL   $10.00 €5.00
  Kiwi Boss Bright Delight W EM LL   $10.00 €5.00
  Too lovely Sandra W UE/E LL   $10.00 €5.00
  Sparkling Kiwi Nelleke W E LL   $5.00 €2.50
  Kiwi Mint Celebration Lorna W E LLL   $10.00 €5.00
  Porters Passion Ice Tower W E/EM LL   $10.00 €5.00
  Hot Stuff Kiwi Supreme W UE LL   $5.00 €2.50
  Kiwi Princess Samantha P UE LL   $10.00 €5.00
  Kiwi's Florimagic Christine P EM LL   $10.00 €5.00
  Magic Kiwi Sue P UE/E LLL   $10.00 €5.00
  Magic Kiwi Winner P UE/E LLL   $10.00 €5.00
  Early Kiwi Geisha Girl P E/EM LL   $5.00 €2.50
  Princess Molly Gorgeous P UE LLL   $10.00 €5.00
  Narella Adams Choice P M LL   $5.00 €2.50
  Dutch Kiwi Happy Face P E LL   $5.00 €2.50
  Leroy's Envy Ruth Y E LL   $10.00 €5.00
  Kiwi Norman Glory Y EM LL   $10.00 €5.00
  Traces Bullion Triumph Y E LL   $5.00 €2.50
  Porters Passion Lucien Y E/EM LLL   $10.00 €5.00
  Betty Norman Old Gold Y EM LL   $10.00 €5.00
  Kiwi Caravan Sweet Peppermint G E LL   $10.00 €5.00
  Kiwi Caravan Festive Lips G EM LL   $10.00 €5.00
  Wonzen Kiwi Green Rabbit G EM LL   $10.00 €5.00
  Kiwi Paradise Martin G E LL   $10.00 €5.00
  Kiwi Paradise Jade G EM LL   $10.00 €5.00
  Cooperation Van Hans G EM LL   $5.00 €2.50
  Marakesh Scottish Green
G EM LLL     $8.00 €4.20
  Kiwi Norman Asami O E LL   $10.00 €5.00
  Kiwi Prelude Bronze Tiger B E LL   $10.00 €5.00
  Kiwi Prelude Aubergine G EM LL   $10.00 €5.00
  Dutch Kiwi Kiwi Joker R EM LLL   $5.00 €2.50

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Flowering Times

New Zealand

Northern Hemisphere



Ultra Early










Early Mid















Flowering times are as generally observed at our nursery.
Please note: Variations can occur with changes in latutide and culture.



The variety has shown to be capable of two stems per bulb. It produces as an average or
better commercial cut flower cymbidium on our nursery.
The variety has shown to be capable of 3+ stems per bulb. It’s production is superior to
average commercial cut flower cymbidium on out nursery.
Stem length: In our circumstances we expect the predominant production to be:
  LL - NZ 8 Stemmer Holland 6 Stemmer +/- 70cm
LLL - NZ 6 Stemmer Holland 4 Stemmer +/- 90cm
Limited Release/Off Release
  Limited Release - Are varieties sold with conditions to protect you the buyer, and us the breeder
from over proliferation.
    - We agree to limit the number released to a country.
    - The buyer agrees not to tissue culture or on-sell the variety.
These conditions expire ten years after the first sale.
Off Release - No conditions apply

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